The Gospel 

The Gospel is our only hope.  The gospel teaches us that we are far more broken and sinful than we can understand. It also teaches that in Christ we can be more loved and accepted by God that we ever dare hope. The message of the gospel is that Christ has done what is necessary to bring us into a relationship with God. We believe that the gospel speaks to the whole person, whether religious or irreligious, and that it can transform any place, bringing the healing and restoration of Christ’s Kingdom. Therefore, we keep it at the center of everything.



Many churches attempt to do great things.  We believe that unless prayer undergirds all that we do all of our attempts will be futile.  No one will be blessed, no one will be changed, no one will believe unless God does the work.  We pray that he might use us to accomplish his work in our city and in our world.



The gospel changes people’s lives.  We begin to see our lives change as we come to understand, on the one hand, our sin, and on the other, God’s holiness and grace.


Service (Deed and Word)

Throughout the Scriptures we see that the Lord is concerned for the cause of the poor, the widow, the orphan, the foreigner, and the oppressed. As God’s people we are called to serve others as a reflection of our service to God.  We see our service to the physical needs of people as an extension of our service to their spiritual need – reconciliation with God



Scripture teaches that we have been made to live in relationship with God, one another, and creation. Sin has brought alienation to all of these relationships.  We believe that reconciliation is possible through the work of Jesus. The church is to be a picture of the new humanity that God created, a community of people that enjoy deep relationships with their God, one another, and the world.


Church Planting

We are not seeking to build a large church.  Our dream is to see many churches reaching the diverse communities of Palm Beach County and South Florida.  In order to see the gospel saturate this region we want to multiply the number of gospel preaching churches.