The Life of Prayer

This four week curriculum, written by our pastors, offers an introduction (or a re-introduction) to the subject of prayer from four different lenses. 

Lesson Overviews


Week 1: The Trinity and Prayer

In this lesson we consider the role of the Trinity (God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit) in our prayers. We will study how the Trinity works together when it comes to our prayer life. Each member of the Trinity plays an active role when we pray and they each give us motivation when we don’t feel like praying.


Week 2: Fasting and Prayer

Fasting is usually regarded as something that only religious fanatics do, and the whole idea of going without something voluntarily seems to run contrary to our Western ideals. In this lesson we will be exploring why fasting is appropriate and good for us in the context of our prayers.


Week 3: Praying for Change

Many of us find ourselves from time to time stuck in a prayer rut.  Our prayers seem to take the same concerns on over and over again.  Often this is the case when our prayers become preoccupied with the monotony of life. Health, sickness, work responsibilities, marriages, unsaved loved one, parenting issues, travel, ministries, and money are all issues we face on a daily basis. In this lesson we will consider what it means for us to pray not just for the situations that arise in our lives, but for ourselves as we live in those situations. 


Week 4: Prayer and Mission

In God’s great design, prayer and missions are vital pieces to the big picture.  Prayer and missions are never meant to be separated.  If prayer is left out while we are seeking to be missional, it is incomplete.  If our prayer lives never bring us to be missional, it is incomplete. In this lesson we will see how the two go hand in hand together.