Children's Ministry


Our children's ministry exists to help children see Jesus and to come alongside parents to make Him known in the home. We accomplish this through offering a fun, interactive, and safe environment on Sundays and Wednesday for children to learn the Gospel in easily understandable ways; and by offering parents resources to bring the reality of Jesus into the daily lives of their kids

To learn more about some of the ways we are seeking to move children to become mature and equipped followers of Jesus please visit the various ministries listed in the side column.



- Will my child be safe? 

The safety of your children is one of our primary concerns.  All of our volunteers undergo background checks and must either be on the church staff or members to volunteer. 

- When will my child move up to the next grade?

Children are invited to move up at any point during the summer.  We leave it up to the parents to make the decision that is best for each child.  All we ask is that you inform the teachers before your child moves to the next class. 

- Am I allowed to sit in?

Parents are always welcomed to sit in.  In order to help the teachers and safeguard our children we ask that parents inform the our assistant pastor at least one week prior to their visit to make the necessary arrangements.  While sitting in we ask that parents not interrupt the class in any way.