Our Discipleship Process


Our discipleship process tries to move people through three different stages in their Spiritual Journey (i.e. the Christian Life).  You can read below a brief description of each stage and examples of how we try to accomplish these goals.

  1. From Unbelief to Faith
  2. From Faith to Maturity
  3. From Maturity to Leadership

Unbelief to Belief:

Discipleship begins by asking questions about who Jesus is and why he came.

Christianity Explored - This is a 6 week course that covers the Gospel of Mark. Participants are given the opportunity to ask questions about Jesus and Christianity in a non-threatening environment.
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Belief to Maturity:

Christians need  to continually apply the teachings of Christianity to their lives.  Our desire is to see men and women become mature and equipped followers of Jesus.  These groups are designed to help accomplish that goal

Community Groups – These groups have a three-fold focus. They are small groups that work through a study, which points us towards a deeper understanding of the Gospel. They promote opportunities for fellowship to occur. And they will move out to serve our community in word and deed.
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Men's and Women’s Bible Study – During the summer, men and women gather together for a time to teaching, encouragement, and prayer. This is always a time for deep growth and to be challenged to live in light of what Christ has called us to. The group provides strong relationships and great discussion of the word of God.

Journey Groups – The means by which we will accomplish life on life missional discipleship is through Journey Groups. These groups use a three-year curriculum as a guide and they are weekly meetings where one person pours themselves into the lives of a few other people. The commitment will be for a year at a time with the goal of each participant starting their own group when they end the three-year cycle.


Maturity to Leadership:

Sometimes God will call men and women to serve him in leadership roles within the church. These classes are designed to help prepare leaders for the unique challenges and opportunities of leadership.

Theological Foundations for Ministry – Every summer a class on the basics of theology is offered. It is a great opportunity to discover the depth of biblical doctrine and how it applies to our daily lives. The Westminster Confession of Faith is an important part of the class, as it provides a clear and detailed summary of biblical doctrine. All potential leaders of LOPC are encouraged to take the class and it is instrumental in helping to build leaders at LOPC.

Officer Training – Throughout the year, the elders and deacons (officers) of the church are involved in officer training. This is a time to focus on the values of the church and to learn how to best minister to the congregation of LOPC.